Treating Bunions

Treating Bunions

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Feet starting to feel and look like a worn out catcher’s mitt? You have two options. Learn to accept those growths. Or do something about them. If door number two is one you’re willing to walk through, go ahead and reach out to Dr. David Morris. Meet with our highly-coveted bunion doctor Plantation.

Wondering what’s contributing to your bunions. Wish we had a straightforward for you—but it doesn’t work that way. See, bunions can be attributed to so many different causes. Of course, the bedrock for its foundation is genetic predisposition. If it runs in your family, there’s a good chance that lifestyle choices can further nurture growth of these troublesome enlargements. Affected by over-pronation? Yep, that’ll also raise the bunion odds. Improper biomechanics can also contribute. They can cause the phalangeal joint—located within the metatarsal—to destabilize. Footwear doesn’t cause bunions, but they sure can worsen the symptoms. So make sure you don’t wear anything overly snug that practically chokes the life out of your gentle feet. Some other (not so common) contributors to bunion include: neuromuscular disorders (Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease or polio), trauma (nerve injuries, sprains, and fractures), and limb-length discrepancies (one leg longer than the other). Of course, don’t settle for a self-diagnosis. Seek out a professional who can properly evaluate the situation and provide a tailor-made plan of action. Seek out such a professional and visit our bunion doctor Plantation, Dr. David Morris.

Sound good? We certainly hope so. Now all that’s left is for you to take charge. Pick up the phone and call Dr. David Morris—or shoot an e-mail, that works too. Then schedule an appointment so you can be well on the way to getting proper treatment of a bunion doctor Plantation. That’s all.

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