Plantation Diabetic Foot Care

Plantation Diabetic Foot Care

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Diabetic Foot Care in Plantation

Nerve damage, poor circulation, foot ulcerations, and the amputation of feet and entire legs are all possible outcomes that type 1 or type 2 diabetes may have. And if you think that losing a limb is something that is so uncommon that you would never have to worry about it, we urge you to reconsider. Statistics reveal that there are over 70,000 such occurrences every year in the United States. So clearly it is important to have expert diabetic foot care, which is provided here at the practice of Dr. David Morris.

How often should you come in for our Plantation diabetic foot care? The answer is at least once per year for a routine checkup, but you should also be sure to visit when you detect any problem with your foot, because even those that are not directly linked to your diabetes become more of a concern and create a larger threat than they would otherwise. Nerve damage, or neuropathy, causes reduced blood flow to your feet, and you may find that you are unable to feel temperature changes or pain in your feet. Yes, it may sound like a good thing to not feel pain, but it’s what that pain represents that needs to have you on alert. Dry skin, cracking, and peeling are also typical outcomes, as are blisters, and calluses. Our Plantation diabetic foot care recommends that you check your feet on a regular basis for any irregularities. Being proactive is key to avoiding serious problems. Foot deformities can also happen, and special shoes are available to prevent that.

Please reach out to our office and book an appointment to come in an see our podiatrist for skilled Plantation diabetic foot care. And especially if your self checking reveals any alarming signs, don’t wait. The more quickly you get attention for them, the more likely you will be to maintain an acceptable or even optimal degree of foot health.

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