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Plantation Bunion Surgery

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Bunion surgery in Plantation

Plantation bunion surgery
Plantation bunion surgery

While many bunions will not require surgery to treat them effectively, when the only option left is surgical, you can depend on Dr. David Morris, our foot surgeon, as the experienced specialist to take care of it.

Bunions, those bone-like protrusions that form on the big toe, are the result of too much pressure being put on the toe joint. There are several reasons why that pressure occurs. Often, it’s tight footwear, but can also be due to flat feet, among other causes. High heel shoes are particularly bad when it comes to placing too much pressure on the big toe joint. And because women wear them more frequently, they are more prone to bunions than men are. Not all bunions are painful, at least at first. And even with pain, you may not necessarily need our Plantation bunion surgery. A shoe insert called an orthotic is typically the best way to treat most bunions. It redistributes your weight, relieving the pressure, and allowing the bunion to slowly disappear. You should also change your shoes to ones that are roomier and more comfortable. But if those methods are not effective, or have been insufficient to bring about the desired results, you will need our Plantation bunion surgery. Fortunately, you will not need a hospital stay. Our foot surgeon will perform the procedure on an outpatient basis, right here at our office. Even better, you should be able to walk right after surgery, although with the assistance of a protective shoe or boot. In about ten days or so, you should be able to go back to wearing your normal shoes.

Whether you require our Plantation bunion surgery, or you can benefit from orthotics, call our office to schedule an appointment. Have your bunion evaluated and treated by an expert in foot care.

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