Plantation best foot doctor

Plantation Best Foot Doctor

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Podiatrist in Plantation

Plantation best foot doctor
Plantation best foot doctor

The offices of Dr. David Morris are here to meet all of your foot care needs in a comfortable atmosphere. Dr. Morris, our Plantation best foot doctor, has been practicing foot care for many years. We service patients for all foot conditions, from podiatry care, to diabetic foot care. What sets us apart from other offices is our dedication to our patients. Unlike other practices, we make house calls all throughout Broward County in our mobile practice.

Dr. Morris is a graduate of Florida State University and graduated with honors from the Pennsylvania College of Podiatric Medicine before doing his post graduate training. He has been practicing over 28 years, and the area is lucky to benefit from his knowledge and expertise. Our Plantation best foot doctor treats painful foot conditions like bunions. Bunion deformities can progress if they are not treated properly. A bunion progressing from Stage I to Stage V can end up becoming debilitating. Treatment for bunion care includes non-surgical as well as surgical options. The ultimate goal of treatment is to relieve foot pain and to prevent the bunion from getting worse. Non-surgical treatments include wearing comfortable shoes or orthotics, and using bunion pads or arch supports inside the shoe.

For those with diabetes, it is especially important to seek foot care for their bunion treatment. Diabetics should have their feet checked by our Plantation best foot doctor anywhere from two to three times per year to prevent the complications that diabetes can cause in the feet. It affects the foot’s circulation and causes balance to be off and wounds may heal slowly due to numbness. Our diabetic foot care treatments can be accomplished through very minimally invasive procedures and through surgery. For diabetic foot pain, we recommend non-surgical pain relieving options such as acetaminophen and anti-inflammatory medicine.

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