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Plantation Ankle Sprain

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Treating Ankle Sprains in Plantation

Plantation Ankle Sprain
Plantation Ankle Sprain

If you injure your ankle in some manner and think you may have a Plantation ankle sprain, it is important that you contact us immediately at our practice, Dr. David Morris, so that our doctor can thoroughly examine your ankle.

When you come to our podiatry practice for diagnosis and treatment of your Plantation ankle sprain, you will be seen by our expert podiatrist, Dr. David K. Morris. When you have an ankle sprain, time is of the essence. This is not the time to wait several days or even weeks to see how your ankle heels; it is important that you make an immediate appointment so our doctor can review your ankle sprain and determine exactly what type of injury has occurred. Our podiatrist will be able to precisely evaluate the extent of your condition and provide you with the appropriate treatment that is necessary. Often times in these situations, seeing our foot doctor in a timely basis can mean the difference between a complete recovery, or having an even more serious ankle problem develop in the future. You may even have an ankle fracture, and think you simply have experienced a sprain. Depending on the extent of the ankle injury, our foot doctor will determine the proper treatment for you. Ankle sprains are actually one of the most common conditions that we treat at our office. When a patient has an ankle sprain, there is some injury to the ligament, whether it is an over-stretching, a partial rupture, or tear. Usually when you have an ankle injury, you will have sharp pain, swelling, and a discoloration around the ankle. You will also be unable to bear weight without pain. When you have an ankle sprain, it is best to see our doctor within a few hours of the injury. Sometimes surgery is used to strengthen the ankle joint in patients who have a history of ankle sprains.

For an appointment to see our foot doctor for treatment and diagnosis of your Plantation ankle sprain, contact us immediately after injury.

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