Foot Wound Care in Plantation

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You may develop a foot wound as the result of an accident or injury, or as a side-effect of a disease or condition. If it’s serious or simply does not heal in a reasonable time frame, you should come to visit us at the podiatry practice of Dr. David Morris where our foot wound care in Plantation will assure you of attentive care toward getting the needed results.

Unless you’re sitting down or you’re wearing reinforced protective boots, your foot is always at risk of being injured. You could kick something hard by mistake, suffer cut or scrape, or something heavy or sharp may fall on your foot. Furthermore, if you have an underlying condition such as type 1 or type 2 diabetes, your feet become more prone to wounds. This is due to nerve damage and reduced circulation of blood, causing you to take longer to heal from a wound, and for blood to be slower when clotting. For most if not all foot injuries that involve broken skin, you should seek out our foot wound care in Plantation if you are also diabetic. Otherwise, only severe wounds typically need immediate attention. Clean and disinfect the wound, and dress it with a bandage to prevent infection. However, in all cases you should do a self-examination of your foot each day, possibly multiple times per day. Do you notice any signs of swelling or inflammation? Perhaps you have developed pain in that area. Those are all indicators that you need our foot wound care in Plantation. Also, if you are not seeing the wound heal in a timely manner, you may want to have it looked at just to be sure.

Our office is always prepared to help you with your foot concerns. Reach out to us so that we can schedule you for a prompt appointment to come in.

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