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Treating ingrown toenails in Plantation

Best foot doctor in Plantation
Best foot doctor in Plantation

Ingrown toenails are not pleasant, and can be downright painful. Left unaddressed, they can develop complications. At the office of Dr. David Morris, though, we have solutions for treating ingrown toenails, as well as tips for avoiding them in the future.

The way that this condition develops is that the nail grows into the skin instead of over it. The big toes is most prone to the problem, though it can happen with any of your toes. Risk increases if the nail is curved or overly thick, if you wear shoes that are too tight around the toe area, or you cut your nails improperly. Be sure to not cut them too short or round the edges. Our best foot doctor in Plantation suggest that you should always square off your toenails to lessen the likelihood of ingrown nails. In addition to the pain they can result in, there is also the possibility that you can sustain an infection. That can be a bigger concern if you have diabetes, vascular problems, or toe numbness. If any of those describe you, check your toes regularly for any signs of possibly ingrown nails. Treatment options will depend on how severe your particular situation is. In many instances, our best foot doctor in Plantation can just trim the nail for you at our office. Don’t worry. You will be given a topical anesthetic to ensure your greatest level of comfort during the procedure. Topical medication will also be applied after the nail has been trimmed. A bandage will be placed over the nail until it fully healed. It only takes about 15 minutes and you can go right back to work. Chemical treatment may be recommended if the problem persists.

Don’t let ingrown toenails get you down. Contact our office and arrange an examination by our best foot doctor in Plantation right now.

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